The EWPN Research Network brings together payments researchers working in industry, academia, and not-for-profit organisations. We work together to connect, create, and collaborate on research projects and activities. Our goal is to improve the quality of payments research and advance our knowledge of the role of payments in society and industry.


Financial services companies innovate based on changing technologies and market needs. Given that technological developments are rapidly transforming financial services, it is important that we learn more about how people are changing their financial and consumption behaviours.

Today there are many researchers working on financial issues in industrial, academic, and not-for-profit organisations. Yet most companies have little tradition of working closely with researchers in these diverse professional areas, and cutting-edge knowledge is not easy to access.

There is great potential for working together to both share cutting-edge research and create new knowledge. Opportunities include industry-academia collaborations, supporting student theses, working with industrial PhD fellows, and even undertaking or supporting research projects with time, knowledge and data.

Women are well-positioned to lead the way towards fruitful collaborations. In research as in business, there are many ambitious women. At the graduate level just under half are women, but among full tenured professors, it is only about one third. By working together we can both improve research creation and dissemination, and promote the position of women as experts in the field.

Research Projects and Sponsorships

EWPN seeks to be a leader in creating and disseminating evidence-based research on gender and diversity dimensions with a specific focus on the payments and FinTech industries. We believe that insights through research are crucial to promoting a progressive agenda for gender parity and diversity in the payments industry and in our societies.

Our Research Programme has two focus areas: “Women in the finance industry” and “Building financial services for women”. The first focus area examines the value of gender parity and diversity with respect to innovation, productivity, talent management, product development, sustainable growth and value creation. The second focus area explores the potential of FinTech to close the “gender gap” by providing financial services that are meaningful to women.

Research topics may include:

  • The rapid changes taking place in FinTech generally, and payments specifically
  • The effects of changing financial practices and technologies on female consumers
  • The experiences of female professionals in the FinTech and payments industries
  • Policy-related issues with respects to women and FinTech
  • The potential for research collaborations across sectors (academic, industry, government etc.)
  • Proposal for knowledge-sharing opportunities, publications, events, etc.

EWPN aims to develop a strong and collaborative network of research, be that original or curated research, with like-minded organisations, academia and business schools. We seek sponsors to fund research undertaken in the EWPN Research Programme – supervised by qualified researchers at PhD level. Insights and research sponsors will have an opportunity to provide input into the research topics or select topics from EWPNs priorities.


The EWPN Research Network will be formally launched at the EWPN Annual Conference on the 4th and 5th of June, 2019:

  • 4th June, 14:00-17:30 – “Open Space: Building an EWPN Research Network” (maximum 50 people)
  • 5th June – “Why does Payments Research Matter? Launch of the EWPN Research Network”

More information about joining these events will be posted soon.

Join our network

The EWPN Research Network is free to join. To sign up, please email research@ewpn.eu

The organisers

Dr. Anette Broløs is an independent FinTech analyst and experienced network leader working with strategic innovation and partnerships). Anette holds an Industrial PhD in collaborative innovation and has a background in economics (Master in economics and e-mba).

Dr. Erin Taylor is co-founder and research lead at Canela Consulting. She specializes in researching financial behaviour and technology use and holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Sydney, Australia.